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The Fiverr of talents, such as musicians, painters, Chefs, magicians, Djs, comedians & etc.. A marketplace app for talents that includes 2 interfaces, one for the talent & the other for the talent seeker/ gig poster. The talent will be able to search gigs and apply for relevant ones, they will be able to chat and network with other talents. The talent seeker interface will be able to post a gig or directly search across thousands of talents in different regions. 


A deadly timeframe of delivery; Beyond digital were asked to deliver a full scope of creative agency Dubai services from branding, Mobile app UI/UX design & development on both IOS & Android, Website design & development not only but full scope marketing dubai services from Communication & digital marketing strategy in less than 6 months of period. 


Given our vast exposure to the latest standards and best practices in mobile development in marketing agency dubai, our team designed an app that functions seamlessly across various devices. By creatively incorporating elements of design and use, the app creatively incorporates style and function in a manner that is both minimalist and advanced. Users can also navigate the website easily to find what they are looking for through the search tab that is conveniently placed below the main menu.

Including but not limited to:

  • Branding
  • Creative Campaigns
  • UI/UX App
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
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We are a modern and innovative agency that bridges the gap between creatives, social and digital marketing.


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